Information concerning the trainers participating in the tournament in June 2019:
  - The trainers must bring documents with photos of all the participants to all the matches in the tournament / photocopied ID, passport or birth certificate for the youngest children /
  - If the team is playing somewhere outside of Nesebar, the team must be ready and waiting for the bus 1 hour before the match
at the stadium at Nesebar.
  - The teams must bring their own balls to warm up. If they don't have two different coloured equipments they must bring different coloured shirts. Trainers must bring documents to prove the age of the children.
  - The technical conference will be held after dinner on 20.06.2019 at the stadium at Nesebar from 20.00h. Trainers must present documents for the medical examination of the teams.
  - The time of breakfast and dinner can be agreed upon with the hotels depending on the time of the matches. The food in the hotels starts with dinner on 20.06.2019 and ends with lunch on 25.06.2019. The lunch on 25.06.2019 can be prepared for travel but it must be declared at the hotel at least 2 days earlier.
  - Teams must warm up during the previous match on the side of the pitch in order for the matches to start on time.
  - During accommodation in the hotel teams must present a list of the group. Any and all damage is paid for when leaving the hotel.
  - The teams can visit Aquapark Sunny Beach every day from 14.00h to 18.30h at a discounted price.

We are expecting you next year in Nesebar and Sunny Beach    20 - 25.06.2019 аnd 24 - 29.08.2019

The sixth consecutive edition of the international football tournament for 
children Vakancia for the Nesebar cup - 'Nesebarcup' - 2014 august edition
organized by FC Sofia sport,RC Sofia 67 and the hosts from OFC Nesebar 
has come to an end.
 78 teams comprised of more than 1400 children from Bulgaria,Romania,Ukraine 
and Russia participated in 11 age groups for 5 days on the football pitches 
in Nesebar,Ravda and Kosharitsa.Given the number of teams and all the passionate
matches the most important thing is for us to have created together one big
football festival for the region of Nesebar.
 The organizers want to thank all the teams that participated in the tournament,
the hosts from OFC Nesebar for providing the sport facilities and for the help
for organizing the tournament,all the referees for the professionalism and fairplay
during the matches and corporation 'Razvitie' for the provided rewards. 
 Official guests at the closing ceremony were:
1.Georgi Shterev - director  in  the municipality of Nesebar
2.Georgi Marinov - president of OFC Nesebar
3.Andon Bakalov - mayor of Ravda
4.Pavel Pavlov - mayor of Kosharitsa
5.Vili Krachanov - sport department in corporation 'Razvitie'
6.Emil Pergelov - financial director of OFC Nesebar
7.Stefan Kokov - president of RC 'Sofia 67' and president of the security firm 
'Respect' district Sofia
8.Hristo Hristov - former CEO at OFC Nesebar
9.Georgi Videlov - chairman of the referee committee for BFU Burgas
10.Vladimir Stoyanov - president of FC Sofia sport and organizer of the tournament
11.Stanislav Angelov - director responsible for the children in PFC Levski Rakovski
12.Georgi Vasilev - football trainer

The fourth international football tournament for children Vakancia 2013 for the Nesebar cup has
come to an end
-38 teams from Bulgaria,Romania and Belarus which were divided in 8 age groups played for 5 straight days in August 2013 on the football pitches in Nesebar and Ravda
The organizers from RC Sofia 67 want to thank the teams and their trainers for participating and
For the sportsmanship during the matches.The organizers also want to thank the hosts from OFC Nesebar –co-organizers of the tournament –for providing the sport facilities.

MM Komers once again provided water for the teams during the tournament.

Official guests at the closing ceremony were:

-Mr.Georgi Shterev  director  in  the municipality of Nesebar
-Mr.Georgi Marinov   president of OFC Nesebar
-Mr.Emil Pergelov   financial director of OFC Nesebar
-Mr.Sotir Naumov  president of SG Stroy Investment   co-organizer of the tournament
-Mr.Vladimir Ivanov  director responsible for the children in PFC Slavia Sofia
-Mr.Bozhidar Iskrenov  a legendary football player in PFC Levski Sofia
-Mr.Rosen Penev  a representative for Pepsi Cola for the district of Burgas

We wish the teams the best of luck during the next season 2013-2014year.


The international junior football tournament Vakancia cup - Nesebar 2013
has ended.During the 5 days of the tournament which was held and the stadiums
in Nesebar and Ravda 37 bulgarian and foreign teams participated in 8 different
age groups.
The organizers from RC Sofia 67 want to thank the teams and their trainers for
the sportsmanship during the matches.Special thanks to our partners- the hosts
from OFC Nesebar and the Municipalities of Nesebar and Ravda for providing the
sport facilities,the security service and the medical service during the
The Ministry of education,youth and science became the first sponsor,providing
part of the prizes and the organizers hope that the tournament will be included
in the sport calendar of the Ministry for 2014.Тhe water for the tournament was
provided by MM Komers.We also thank the district Council of the Bulgarian Footballm
Association and the referees for the propriety during the matches.
Official guests were:
Mr Nikolay Dimitrov       - mayor of Nesebar
Mr Andon Bakalov         - mayor of Ravda
Mr Georgi Marinov         - president of OFC Nesebar
Mr Emil Tabakov           - chairman of the district Council of the BFA
Mr Georgi Videlov         - chairman of the district Council of the referees-Burgas
Мr Rumen Kulev           - town councilor, chairman of the sport committee for the
                                      Municipality of Nesebar
Mr Pavel Pavlov            - secretary at the referee committee for BFA Sofia
Mr Angel Terziev           – trainer and functionary at OFC Nesebar
Мr Todor Tashev           - veteran and functionary at OFC Nesebar
Mr Iasen Petrov             - director in PFC Levski - responsible for the children's teams
Mr Nikolay Rusev         - director in OFC Nesebar - responsible for the children's teams
Mr Sotir Naumov          - president of S.G.Stroy Investmant LTD
Mrs Galina Doneva      - international referee

We are waiting to see you again in Nesebar, Ravda and Sunny Beach.

About the Tournaments
2012 saw the launch of the junior football tournament 2012 Holiday Cup Nessebar. The idea was born in April that year and was turned into reality from 25th-30.06.2012.The first tournament was attended by 27 teams of various age groups. It was held at the sports facilities of OFC Nessebar and the Aheloy stadium. The football clubs of PFC Slavia-Sofia,PFC CSKA-Sofia,PFC Chernomorets-Burgas PFC Lokomotiv-Sofia,PFC Akademik-Sofia,PFC Septemvri-Sofia,PFC Minior Pernik,FC Minior-Pernik 1919,FC Kostinbrod,FC Conegliano-German,FC DIT-Sofia,FC Botev-Kozloduy,FC Barcelona BG-Sofia,Junior football club Zvezdichka Bourgas and of course all the teams of OFC Nessebar participated in the tournament.The organizers thank all the coaches,children and adolescents who participated in the tournament for the nice atmosphere and good sportsmanship throughout the tournament,as well as the partners in the organization- the hosts of OFC Nessebar. As the coaches requested a September edition of the tournament was held from 03 to 07.09.2012.The teams of OFC Nessebar,PFC Neftohimik-Burgas,PFC Septemvri-Sofia,FC Lokomotiv-Gorna Oryahovitsa and FC Botev57-Sofia participated in that edition.

About Nessebar

Nessebar is a beautiful Bulgarian town located in southeastern Bulgaria,on the coast of the Black Sea,to the south of the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach. Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back more than 3,200 years.The old part of the town is situated on a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow neck.Come and see the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast!

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a Bulgarian resort (with over 200 hotels), which is located in the middleof the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the Municipality of Nessebar.It is situated in a crescent-shaped gulf,facing east.The northern part of the resort is at the foot of the last hills of the Balkan Range mountain, next to the town of Sveti Vlas.The south end of the resort reaches the ancient town of Nessebar.